Spelling Bee Competition 2018

Spelling Bee Competition 2018

Firstly, thank you to all, both teachers and students, who have helped in this years’ competition to make it the best one yet!

From classroom teachers running their year group competitions to Mr. Dudley for supplying the prizes, you’ve all contributed to making it special for the students again.

We whittled the pupils down from all of years 1 to IGCSE2 to just three on Friday. Jackie 5L, Lisa 6G and Valentina IGCSE1 battled it out in the Grand Final in front of the whole school. Each student had their own cheerleaders but special mention to years 5G and L for their support of the second place competitor, Jacky.

Valentina was first to fall on squalid, then we had Jacky do well. He faltered on caterpillar and then Lisa spelled her next word, supposedly, correctly, which meant she was crowned Spelling Bee Champion 2018, following in the footsteps of David IGCSE1 2016, Tina 7G 2017.




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