KIK Sports Day

The Kindergarten department held its “Annual Sports & Family Day” on Tuesday 11th October, 2016. The event took place at SIS @ Vung Tau in the Multi-purpose Hall. Lots of parents turned up for the event.  We opened with a Dance/Exercise competition where each level presented their song & dance moves.  We had three judges to judge the dancing.  It was followed by novelty races like wheelbarrow race, mat race, sack race, book on the head race & three-legged race. Lots of parents attended and we prepared parent & child games.  Lastly, we had the teacher’s race followed by the handing out of prizes.   First Prize winners received gold medals, 2nd & 3rd Prize winners received certificates.  We had small gifts for the dance exercise winning teams as well as for the parent and child races.  The event was successful and enjoyed by everyone.