2015 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Students at SIS @ Vung Tau celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 with lots of fun activities and great performances. The event started with the performances of Kindergarten students – singing “Đêm trung thu” and the impressive Fashion Show. Students from Year 1 upwards also contributed to the performance with their dancing “Somewhere over the rainbow”, singing “Rước đèn tháng tám”, dancing “Chú Cuội chơi trăng” and “Ánh trăng trẻ thơ”. The event was highlighted by the Lotus dance and ended by the dance of “Rước đèn tháng 8 & Everybody Dance Now”. The exciting competitions happened among four Houses – Dragon, Hydra, Phoenix and Unicorn with lantern making, coloring, drawing and other sport games (tug-of-war, sack race, egg race). Of course, the Kindergarten students also were challenged by doing lantern making and sack race.

Fashion Show

Lotus Dance



Sack race _ SIS

Sack race_KIK