Trip to Vietopia – a Fun Excursion

On 30 March 2016, the Year 1 and Year 2 students from both the international and integrated programmes had the opportunity to visit Vietopia in Ho Chi Minh City. Here they had the chance to participate in different careers that might be of interest to them one day. They got to spend time being firemen, digging for treasure as archaeologists, solving crimes with the CSI, being pilots and air stewards, to name only a few of the things they experienced. The students enjoyed a big lunch at one of the restaurants there and then they were off again to learn more; going to space as astronauts, how to make coffee, working in a hair salon, the list was endless. They all had a wonderful time and were sad when we had to leave to return to Vung Tau. While this was a fun excursion, the students also learnt a lot which made the experience an even greater success. 

1a. Vietopia

1. Vietopia.1

2. Vietopia

3. Vietopia

4. Vietopia