Teacher’s Day


Teachers Day 2020 was celebrated November 20th here at the Singapore International School @Vung Tau with many fun and heartwarming activities organized by all of the teachers and students. The students showed their appreciation for all the teachers do for them with many special acts of kindness including paintings, Thank You cards and speeches, as well as dances and singing performances. The meaningful celebration took place in the Multi-Purpose Hall with the participation of the full range of students, teachers and staff from Kindergarten to IGCSE 2. The ceremony was kicked off with a touching Thank You Speech for the teachers and followed by heartfelt and well-practiced performances from all of our students from the youngest to the oldest! There was even a meaningful appearance and song from our former student Kevin who sang the song, “Bao giờ đủ lớn?” The two hosts of the event were Fiona and Hoang Hai who kept the action rolling with their wit and humor throughout the successful ceremony. They even hosted a Game Show Crossword Puzzle in which the students had to come up with teacher’s names after which the hosts gave prizes to those students producing correct Teacher’s names.

All of the teachers throughout the school were truly touched by the students’ sincere feelings of gratitude expressed through their thoughtful tributes to their teachers. Much joy and happiness were spread throughout the school during Teachers Day 2020!