Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration at Singapore International School Vung Tau
It’s such a good a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival last night, the students had a great night with the lady and man in the moon who celebrated the festival at SIS campuses in Vung Tau. Together, teachers and students organized the Mid-Autumn Festival with many interesting activities. The festival this year is full of excitement in music, laughter, and a fun atmosphere:
Funny games to challenge babies’ behavioral talents
Bustling lion dance, stirring up the festival
The lanterns are very skillfully collaged by the students.
The delicious scones and cakes that kids make by themselves.
Excellent musical performances that teachers and students have practiced together.
And indispensable some of the delicious moon cakes, fruits, and drinks
Parents can look back at your child’s Mid-Autumn Festival moments in the album below and accompany your children in all the exciting upcoming events of the year at SIS!