The event took place at SIS@Vung Tau in the Multi-purpose Hall.  The students were dressed in the colours of their teams ex:  Nursery:  Pink, K1G – Yellow, K2G – White, Prep A – Blue, Prep B – Green and Nursery – Prep L– Red.  Lots of parents attended the event.  We opened our event with all 5 groups presenting their Dance Exercise.  Mr Reuben, Ms Veronica & Ms Lai Di were the three judges for the Dance Exercise. The novelty races are Nursery – Racket/Ball balancing, K1 & K2- Yoga ball race and Prep – obstacle course. We also invited parents to join in with the parent and child races. Parents really had so much fun doing activities with their children. We had hand-made medals for first, second and third place winners. We had little gifts for the dance exercise for each team.  Winners of the Dance Exercise were:  Nursery – Prep L-1st, Prep A-2nd and Prep B – third.  We also presented the parents with certificates for the parent and child races.   The event was successful and enjoyed by everyone.

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