KIK Halloween Activity 2016

Halloween is considered as one of the most favorite events in Kindergarten for the year.  All the children love dressing up with fancy costumes, face painting and “Trick or Treat” walking for candy.  Halloween this year was held on Friday 28th October. On the day, a wonderful variation of pumpkins, fairies, witches, super heroes, characters from ‘Frozen’, Ninja Turtles, princesses, minions etc. made their appearances with the brightest of faces and smiles. Trooping through the neighborhood around the school with such nice weather, we were greeted by friendly people as the children sang ‘Trick or Treat’ and received pre-packaged candy from different houses. Back at school with their bags filled with candy, the 15 most outstandingly dressed students in their costumes paraded in front of all the students and were judged by some of our Primary teachers.  From the 15 outstanding three winners were announced and then the students had a wonderful party with popcorn and soda in the courtyard.  Having said that,  all students were winners on day with their amazing & dazzling appearances!