Graduation Ceremony & School Concert 2019

Graduation Ceremony & School Concert 2019 of SIS South Campuses – impressive, memorable and emotional.

It was overwhelmed excitement at SIS Saigon South, Binh Duong, Vung Tau and Can Tho as we held the most awaited event of the school year – The Graduation! Our students and teachers have been working diligently all year long and it is the time they get the deserving rewards on the stage.

The Award Ceremony honored students who obtain exceptional learning achievements and contribute effectively in social/sports causes on and off campus. It is a recognition of success that our students are staying on TOP, not only in academic performances but also in other aspects of development.

This year’s School Concert has the Theme “Planet Earth” with the meaning of protecting our Planet’s green environment clean and safe. Many performances had a lot of changes and improvement, showing the freshness and professionalism. Students presented their best performances of music, dances and actions, turning the stage into their own theater. As usual, we cannot find a single word to express how the show impressed us – simply magnificent!

Let’s give a big applause for our new graduates. We wish you all a fabulous summer break and see you again in the new school year 2019 – 2020, commencing in August.

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