Aqua STEM Challenge Day & STEM Boat Regatta


April 12, 2019

This past Friday, April 12th, students from Years 1 – IGCSE 1 participated in our inaugural AQUASTEM Challenge Day in which they undertook a STEM project focused on designing boats. The design brief was to design and create a boat that was seaworthy and could move across water under its own power.

The students used brainstorming techniques based on the Engineering Design Process to build numerous types of unique boats from model sailboats to battery-powered AQUABOTIC sea vessels which could traverse the school swimming pool. The students were given the STEM challenge and tested their designs in the school swimming pool in order to modify and iterate their designs until they were ready to sail.

Afterwards, in the afternoon, students from each year group participated in the AQUASTEM Boat Regatta to see which watercraft could make it to the other side of the swimming pool without sinking first. Students were able to build more than a hundred different boats with very creative designs.

Everyone had a great time testing and participating in the AQUASTEM DAY Challenge and Boat Regatta. A very special thank you goes to Ms. Anna and the STEM Committee, and our amazing staff for their time in planning this unique STEM event for our campus. Indeed, it was a fun and STEMTASTIC day for all students on our campus!

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