A day with Outward Bound Vietnam at SIS @ Vung Tau

0. The first OBV activity at VT campus

On Friday, 25 August 2017, Outward Bound Vietnam came to our school campus to introduce the students to the Outward Bound programme. The three instructors were Mr. Anthony, Ms. Maria and Mr. Gary. All the students from Year 6 and up participated in group activities for a three-hour session in the morning or for a three-hour session in the afternoon. The group activities were team challenge activities that combined problem solving, collaboration and teamwork.

Some of the goals of the Outward Bound programme included self-discovery and confidence-building.  The students enjoyed the activities, learned some new strategies for problem solving and also developed some new friendships. Currently, Outward Bound has programmes for all ages at several locations in Vietnam and continues to expand their programme.

1. Y6, Y7 with Mr Gary

2. A group of Ms Maria _ Y6, Y7

3. Y7 students

5. Mr Gary with Y6, Y7G group

6. Y8 up with Mr Gary

7. Y8 with Mr Anthony

4. Rope jumping

9. Building tent