Y3G – Tet Decoration🎊️🎊

🌼🌼 Immersing students in the spring weather, Y3G class worked together to decorate their classroom and create cute, colorful handmade works. Children were able to unleash their creativity in Tet-themed clay drawing and modeling lessons. Banh chung, banh Tet, peach trees, and apricot trees filled the classroom atmosphere with the atmosphere of spring. Being able to create their own products and decorate the classroom, Y3G students felt happy, excited, and eagerly looked forward to the traditional Tet holiday. ✨✨

🎋🎋 The TET program is coming soon and 3G pupils have been very actively practicing for a vibrant performance to show to their parents and teachers. We hope that their performance will be loved by everyone. 🌟🌟