Science Fair Review


By Mark Reeve

This week saw the return of the second annual SIS Vung Tau science fair. The afternoon of October 11th saw 20 teams from as young as Year 4 up to the elite of IGCSE 2 demonstrate their understanding and love of science. There were a wide variety of experiments and inventions, with some new ideas such as home-made water softeners and watermelon batteries to scientific investigations around the effect of temperature on magnets and density on evaporation.

The objective of this year’s science fair was to concentrate on the scientific method. The idea of designing a hypothesis and testing it via an experiment, gathering results and drawing conclusions. It was very pleasing how well students understood these concepts and demonstrated them in their displays.

Congratulations must go to all students for their eager participation, but special mention must go to Sam and Jake (6G) for being responsible citizens with their recycled car. The three winning teams are:

3rd place – Kevin, Mark and An (IGCSE 1)- for their investigation into the absorption of water by sodium polyacrylate.

2nd place – Lucia, Nikki and Ram (IGCSE 1)- for their investigation into the temperature dependency of magnetic strength.

1st place – Stephen, Hạnh and Uyên (8L)- for their investigation into evaporation of liquids.

1. 1st place -Hanh , Uyen and Stephen (8L)

2. 2nd place _ Lucia, Nikki and Ram (IGCSE 1)

3. 3rd place - Kevin, Mark and An (IGCSE 1)

4. Sam and Jake (6G)