KIK Sports and Family Day 2017


The Kindergarten Department of SIS@Vung Tau held its Third Sports & Family Day on Friday October 13th, 2017. The program was opened by Ms. Marianne with a special message from Mr. Mark. Four classes showcased their talents in a dance/exercise for the opening number. The games started with a Teachers sack race. We had games for students like “Went to the Market Race”, “The Ball & Towel Race”, “The Jar & Straw Race” and an Obstacle Race for the prep students.

Parents enjoyed joining in on some of the races with their children. The winners received medals and certificates and there were gift packs for each class. It was indeed a successful event where everyone enjoyed and had lots and lots of fun!

1.The opening dance

2.Teachers Sack Race

3.Chairs Race with Parents

4.Games with Parents

5.Ball and Tower Race

6.Games with Parents

7.Tower Race with Parents

8. Prep- Obstacle Race


10.Medals and Certificates for winners