Happy Halloween 2017


Hooray!!!! Halloween has finally arrived!!!!

Halloween Activities 2017 for KIK teachers and students @ SIS Vung Tau were held on Friday, 27th October. Classrooms were decorated with outstanding decorations prior to the activity. On the day, in the early morning, all the children with their brightest of faces and smiles excitedly came to school dressed in their fancy costumes and face painting. It was overwhelming to see such a great variety of princesses, fairies, witches and super heroes. Great weather greeted all students as they went out singing “Trick or Treat & Halloween songs” while walking through the neighborhood surrounding the school “Trick or Treating” the neighborhood. All the students were greeted by friendly local people along the way and received pre-packaged goodies from the school’s neighbours. Heading back to school with bags full of candy and crackers, all the students gathered in the exercise area for a mini “Fashion Parade,” where they showed off their dazzling costumes. The day’s activities ended with the students enjoying a wonderful party with snacks and drinks in the courtyard. Everybody had a great day together.










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