ONE DAY OF FARMERS: The year 1-3 International and Integrated students of Singapore International School@Vung Tau took an excursion to Dong Nai Province on December 6, 2018. The exciting journey took the boys and girls to a zoo full of wild and interesting animals.

 The students first participated in some fun and exciting games called Rubbing Shoulders, Obstacle Course, Blindfolded Duck and played at the water gun area. They then thoroughly enjoyed the attractive race hogs that they saw. At the Zoo, the children saw some red monkeys, goats and sheep, as well as an ostrich and a python. In addition to the Zoo, the children could try on the costumes of Three Women, were able to harvest vegetables and rice, and could also do farm work like our forefathers.

 The journey gave the students much joy with the new things that they learned and tried. Our young students were able to experience and recognize the world around them witnessing the meaningful farming activities. This helped the students to expand their knowledge and to understand the importance of protecting the environment around them keeping it both clean and beautiful.

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